Ninja Justice

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    Ninja Justice

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    A smartphone native third-person shooter ninja game has finally arrived!
    Do battle among the skyscrapers with a zombie-controlling Ninja leader!


    ***This game is all about “justice”***

    “Justice isn’t always about following the law.”

    Judge Charles Raymond has another identity, a secret one.
    As a ninja, he dispenses justice against evildoers when the law is powerless.

    “Is there really any justice in the world?”

    He decides to confront the mysterious death of a friend that threatens to shake the whole nation...

    “The decay of justice continues to spread...”

    Treachery, betrayal, orders, erasure. An assassin stands in opposition to the nation!

    Whether he’s a friend or even a loved one, “evil” must be punished.

    That is my justice.

    “Have you ever experienced true justice?”

    ■App Summary
    Third-person shooter (TPS) where you control a ninja and destroy enemy zombies as you travel through the dungeon.
    Your main weapons are your “shuriken” and your “katana” and, by using NP (Ninja Points), you can learn powerful special attacks.
    Also, by collecting materials from defeated enemies and treasure chests along the way, you can power up your weapons and your own abilities.

    Moreover, since the dungeons are randomly generated, it’s a fresh experience every time you play

    OS: Android 2.2 and above

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