Osama Bin Bombin' Free




    Blast the H.E. Double Hockey Sticks out of Osama Bin Laden (this turd) by dragging the missles back and launching them in Osama's direction. Drop bombs on all 3 different Osamas. Shoot the GREEN Osama, Squash the BLUE Osama, and FLUSH the RED Osama down the turdlet. LOL. Level 2 added. Fire George W. Bush (as heman) at Osama, flush skeletor Osama down the urinal. More Level updates and Scoring adjustments/ ability to save and post score to facebook coming with support from YOU. To support the developer and help build new levels and a better game, buy the paid version of Osama Bin Bombin!!!! Because we live in a free country, you can write what you like in the review section, I just simply ask that you not use profanity. - Oh, and just an FYI - I don't pad my own app with reviews from friends. This is supposed to be a funny application. Updates are coming soon. God Bless our troops!

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