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    Out Zone is one of the most popular video games in American arcade history!. It had ever set off a wave of vertical shooting games, and was a famous game which was well-known by the players all around the world. Now the new Android HD version debut, the perfect touch-screen operation, high-definition picture of the game, the game will give you extraordinary experience.

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    Out Zone is a run and gun, in which the player controls a soldier who must fight his way through seven increasingly difficult levels. At the end of each level a boss must be defeated before the player can progress any further. Taking place in the year 2097, mankind is invaded by an alien race and it is up to cyborg soldiers controlled by the player to destroy the invasion force.

    Unlike most shoot-em-ups, in Out Zone you do not pilot a space ship or plane, but instead fight enemies on foot. As such, the screen does not scroll automatically.

    You have an energy bar, which can protect you in the battleground. If you are against by an enemy shot, you will lose some energy. Once the energy run out, you will lose a life.

    You can recover your energy by picking up "E" icons.

    Main Weapons
    You can use one of two main weapons, and switch between them by picking up "C" icons. The semi-automatic gun shoots forward no matter which way you move, but shoots three bullets in a slight spread each time. The all-direction laser fires in whatever direction you're moving, and create a sweep of bullets as you change direction. It fires rapidly, so you only need to modify your direction. Each weapon is useful in certain situations, and you will often have to switch based on the configuration of enemies.

    The two main weapons can be upgraded by picking up "P" icons. It could highest reach the 3rd level.

    Special Powers
    Several special bonuses are available as different colored "SP" icons. Two special weapons can really change the face of the game:

    Super Burner (yellow SP icon): a directional, limited range super power weapon. Very destructive, but forces the player to move close to the enemies. It is thus risky to use against end-of level bosses.
    Super Ball (pink SP icon): a terrific weapon! A destructive energy ball circles around the player, then rushes up the top of the screen, unaffected by walls. Your best choice in any situation!
    The other special bonuses are:

    Speed UP (blue SP icon): very interesting in the second half of the game, the increased speed can prove dangerous in some of the maze/platforms parts.
    Shield (white SP icon): will protect the player against a direct enemy shot, won't prevent losing a life by falling down a hole!
    Energy Extend (green SP icon): extends the energy bar and re-fills it completely.

    In desperate situations, you have a supply of bombs, used by pressing the Bomb icons in the corner. These destroy all minor enemies and bullets on the screen, and severely damage larger foes, and will make you invincible for a short period of time.

    Picking up Bomb icons can get a supply of bomb.

    Compatible with 480*800, 480*854, 640*960, 600*1024 resolution, full-screen display.

    [Compatible with phone sets]
    Android OS Version 1.6 and above

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