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    We are sorry to inform you that as of March 30,2014 this application will no longer be available.
    In App Purchase will be availableuntil March 16,2014 when the application will no longer be offered.
    We cannot guarantee correct function of content once service is suspended, and we will no longer be able to offer support for it.

    Help PAC-MAN escape from each hole (stage), chock-full of PAC-DOTS, POWER PELLETS, pesky GHOSTS, FRUIT and other surprises.
    Achieve stellar scores and unlock additional themed stages, where you’ll need to keep on the look out for ambushes by classic NAMCO characters, like the Galaga BOSS, while staying prepared to enact your revenge! Can you unlock them all?
    Become the world champion with support for GameCenter leaderboards and achievements!

    C’mon, JUMP!

    ☆Three ways to control PAC-MAN!

    PAC-MAN will move in the direction of device tilt.

    ・Analog Pad
    Control PAC-MAN's direction using an analog-style virtual control pad. Input is recognized anywhere on-screen.

    ・Digital Pad
    Control PAC-MAN's direction using a digital-style virtual control pad. Input is recognized anywhere on-screen.

    ☆How to play

    ・Control PAC-MAN as he jumps. Try to bounce as high as possible without falling, while avoiding enemy characters.

    In this game, you play as PAC-MAN. PAC-MAN will jump (bounce) whenever he lands on a platform. Eat items to help PAC-MAN progress as high as possible.

    Small yellow PAC-DOTS are scattered about each stage. PAC-MAN will jump when he eats a PAC-DOT.

    Large yellow POWER PELLETS exist here and there about each stage. PAC-MAN will become temporarily invulnerable after eating a POWER PELLET.

    ・FRUIT Bonus Items
    Eat to perform a super-jump. During a super-jump, PAC-MAN can knock away enemy characters.

    Each themed stage has various enemies. If PAC-MAN runs into an enemy, PAC-MAN may be thrown off course, or the game may end.

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