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    Pirate Pete is a classic arcade style shooter game, where the aim is to reach the end of each level without dying.

    You play as Pirate Pete, commander of your own pirate ship, as he goes on a hunt for the most legendary treasure hoard of all time!

    Battle your way across desert islands, mountain tops, underground tombs and more as you hunt for it; encountering pirates, cannibals, and ghosts along the way!

    To play the game, you will move across the level, stopping when you encounter enemies, and you must defeat them to continue.
    Touch the screen on top of the enemies to shoot them, and crouch to reload or take cover. Some enemies take more than one shot to defeat, or can only be shot at certain points (such as ghosts when they stop glowing)
    At the end of each level, you will be shown your statistics for that level, and you can unlock 'treasures' for each level if you are fast enough or accurate enough!
    Try and collect all of the 'treasures' (the in-game reward system for accomplishing achievments such as high accuracy) for full completion of the game!
    Unlock further levels and hard difficulty as you play!

    Pirate Pete is a simple, fun and exiting game with simple graphics as well as simple background music and sound effects. It is an indie game developed and created by a single student developer.

    Pirate Pete is an action packed, fun filled, on rails first person shooter with cartoon style 3D graphics using openGL ES 2.0.

    In the free version, you will get 2 free levels and the tutorial! Try it now.

    Note: The game is supposed to be similar in style to the old simple-to-play on rails arcade games, and isn't supposed to be like a modernised shooter.

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