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    Pixel Star One is a simple game about a small space craft launched into the depths of space to see how long it can survive and how far it can travel. Hold the Left Mouse Button to activate thrusters and make your ship move up. Release the Left Mouse Button to deactivate thrusters and fall. Keep from the edges of the screen to prevent the mysterious forces of space from destroying your ship. Maneuver past the enemy ships trying to crash into your ship; Every time they hit your ship the turret level will go down, weakening its weapon systems. When the turret level reaches zero and the ship takes another impact by an enemy your ship will blast into debris. To keep your ship in one piece the Mother-Ship will send turret upgrades, force-fields, barriers, drones, and missions which can be completed to earn points. Barriers can manage 3 collisions from enemies, while force-fields are large lasers that protect your ship from enemies temporarily. Drones are tiny robots that orbit the ship and shoot at enemies. Missions are assigned to you every once in a while; The easy ones give you no less than 1000 points, and the harder missions can reward you up to 6000 points, both of which help you achieve the highest score possible. The Pixel Star One really packs a punch when its turrets are maxed and it has assistance drones which shoot at enemies. Drones get stronger and faster over time. Upgrades collected, distances traveled, enemies destroyed, and missions completed all contribute to your point total. With plenty of turret upgrades, enemies that continuously get stronger, and power ups, this simple game can easily get both challenging and addicting.

    ***Lite version does not include side missions that give extra points***
    ***Lite version delpoys weaker models of the Pixel Star One, not allowing it to go too far into space (You can only play for a certain amount of time till your ship fails)***

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