Pop Panic

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    Once you start the game, balloons will start to float up the game screen, as they float up its your job to pop them. Choose a game mode and get started, what are you waiting for?

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    Classic Mode

    Classic mode pits the player against the clock in a battle to pop as many balloons before time runs out. Strategy is the key here as the user can pop power up balloons to slow down time, add time , remove all the penalty balloons, or pop all the balloons on the screen. Combos are key in this mode, racking up a high combo count is the only way to get to the top of that leader board.

    Balloons available in this mode:

    Penalty Free Balloon: This power up removes all the Time Penalty Balloons.
    Pop All Balloon: This balloon pops all the balloons in the gameplay area.
    Add Time Balloon: This balloon adds time to the clock allowing you to play longer.
    Penalty Balloon: This will remove 15 seconds from the game clock if you hit one of these.

    Arcade Mode

    In Arcade mode the player has to pop all the basic color balloons before they hit the top. If a Basic Balloon hits the top you will lose a life. The player only has three lives to start the mode with. Any of the bonus including the Purple and Death Balloons can hit the top. If a Death Balloon is popped (accident or not) it’s all over. Combos are a little harder to come by in this mode so in-between waves of balloons let some get close to the top before popping them to get your combos started.

    Panic Mode

    You have 1 minutes to rack up your score. There are twice as many death balloons and they will instantly end the game.

    Balloons available in this mode:

    Heart Balloon: This will give you another life
    Death Balloon: Don’t pop this one, its mean Game Over.

    Balloon Info:

    Basic Yellow Balloon: The slowest and the least valuable of the bunch.

    Basic Red Balloon: A little faster then the yellow balloons but not much.

    Basic Blue Balloon: The fastest of the regular balloons and also the most valuable second only to the purple balloon.

    Purple Bonus Balloon: The fastest balloon in the game, some one forgot to tie of the end so it moves wildly around the gameplay area.

    Stopwatch Balloon: This power up slows down time for a few seconds making the game much easier.

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