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    The war is over. It's time to go home. You are the top helicopter pilot, the best among the alliance and enemies' force. Info about the fighting games being over reached you while you were in the enemy territory. Now you have to go back, across the great sea. But the enemy doesn't want to let the best, top pilot free. They gave you a choice: either you join them, or you will get killed. You chose neither.

    Your helicopter got crashed, but you managed to get out just in time. With some old, cool bike you found near a coffee shop, you reached a secret lab with flying simulators. One sim was particularly interesting to you – a sim of a prototype helicopter called Iron Man. You've heard of Iron Man before, some cool stories that were never confirmed, rumors only. You didn't think real Iron Man really existed but this sim proves it does!

    You put your bike next to the sim and enter. You think to yourself that it's kinda funny you went all this way by bike. The flying fighting games program launches and you start your training. One last look at your newly possessed bike brings a smile on your face. Just changed from a simple bike to a top hi-tech flying machine.
    Iron Man is a helicopter able to reach much higher speed than any helicopter you've ever flown in before! It's also better prepared for flying fighting games. Equipped with hi-tech lasers and cannons designed for annihilation. You wonder, how could they have not won the war with such top technology? You can't believe how cool flying this real thing must be, how cool it'd be to be flying a helicopter with such speed! The speed of a top jet fighter!

    After the flying fighting games sim program finished you decided to go look for the real Iron Man. You found it suspicious there were no security in such a confidential security spot, nevertheless figured finding it was your best chance of success. After a few hours of wandering around this huge facility you finally see it! It's perfect! Best, cool, beautiful real Iron Man right before you, shiny and brand new! As if your dream has come true! Top piece of architecture at its best! Even better than in the sim!

    You jump in, start your engines and... Hundreds of security helicopters and jets pop up! That's where they were all along, waiting for your move! It's a trap! Now you need to get out of here asap! This time real fighting games start! And you need to show your real skill to stay free... and alive. Reach the maximum speed as soon as you can, it feels like racing, be the best, avoid or kill whoever comes your way.

    This is not only a flying and shooting game. It's also a racing game. Racing at its best – in the air, high above the sea. Racing you've been dreaming about. Feel free as a bird! Be free! Remember, the speed won't kill you, but your enemies can!

    This racing flying shooting games is totally for free! Don't wait! Download it now! It's so cool it may not stay free for ever!

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