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    Battleship war with your Android!
    Totally free!

    Hold your phone by Sea Battle app and you can feel you are on a real battleship!
    Sea Battle is a realistic simulator with shooting experience.

    As a marine of North Carolina in American, your important job is to defend the territory of your country.
    Let's prevent enemy attack!

    * Highly addictive
    * Nice design, easy to manage
    * Totally free
    * Endless play

    1. At first, you can get access to 4 buttons for you at the bottom.
    Please go to GAME to get some information about your battleship.
    2. Then go to read tutorials.
    3. Throw the mobile phone out along the longitudinal direction, as far as possible to ensure the mobile phone acceleration direction gets along the longitudinal axis of your mobile phone.
    When your mobile phone reaches the maximum acceleration, you need press the reducing volume key quickly.
    The quicker the acceleration is and the slower the other direction's acceleration is, the higher your score is!
    4. Try your best to keep your mobile phone stable. At the same time, please press the volume up key.
    When you press that key, the more stable your phone is, the higher score you will get!
    5. Once you start a training, you may see a battleship in the sea.
    In this process of picture showing, you have to wave your phone in longitudinal direction as fast as possible and then press the reducing volume key.
    Only in this way can you get your ACCELERATION SCORE.
    6. After that, you can press the volume up key to shoot the enemy.
    Remember to keep stable of your mobile.
    Just have a deep breath!

    Download Sea Battle for free now!!
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