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    In our daily life, we are always be limited by many elements of the social. As a result, we can not use gun causally. But in fact, you can practice shooting with your mobile phone. Shooting Pistol is a free app for android users. Phone Gun is a realistic and favorable simulator which can make your phone simulate most popular guns. Hold your phone by phone gun app and you can feel you hold a real gun!
    We prepare you many tutorial and training for you. You can choose any type of gun on market like handguns, machine guns, sub-machine gun, sniper rifles and so on. You even can choose the model of the gun type. You can choose the shooting button on left or right to meet your habits. Open the sound of your mobile, you can heard the shooting sound which makes the shooting more realistic!
    When you make a training, you can set the shooting events. For example, you can set the events : you can shooting the building in new york or other places.
    In addition to simulate guns, it can also play as cold weapons like sword, slap an d so on. We prepare you two different training of this weapons. Hold the phone as a sword, you can hear the souled of playing the sword!

    1.A tutorial tell you how to use this app.
    2.Training. Prepare you nine different type of guns like handguns, machine guns, sub machine guns, light machine gun and so on.
    3. Every gun has prepare you several model for you to choose. For example, if you choose shot guns, it includes USAS12, KSG12 AA12, SPAS, Striker, model 1887. You can choose any one of them!
    4.Training two prepare you the items for you to shoot. There are helicopter, boat, subway and so on. Evert item also includes many types. For example, you can set you are shooting the moving ferryboat!
    5.Choose shooting events. with a VIP version.
    6.Setting help you to set the volume button.
    7.Back to previous page when you set the training.
    8.Back to home page directly.
    9.Share with friends through twitter, message, Facebook, Bluetooth and so on.

    This app also prepare you three main web browser shortcuts. You can search the internet when you having a shooting. If you what to know more information about the gun type, you can search the wiki directly with the shortcuts we prepared you. You can even get more information about this gun model from YouTube!

    After the shooting, it will offer you a score according to the stable you hand the gun and other elements. Every time you can shoot 12 bullets. After using them up, you can pres the add button to have a 12 bullets again!

    What are you waiting? Download it and improve you shooting skill with this app!

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