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    Published: 2012-08-08, by .

    Sinister Planet is an original action multi-touch space shooter

    • Multi-touch 360º shooting
    • Two game modes
    • Up to 25 waves of aliens
    • Online leaderboards
    • Zeemote support
    • It should be enhanced graphically

    "Crazy space shooter"

    Your missions is to destroy waves of aliens spaceships protecting their ultimate shelter: Planet Sinister. The battle is happening on the planet surface, surrounded and threatened by asteroids.

    You will have to survive up to 25 wave of aliens ready to die for their planet. Although it reminds to classic space invaders, this isn't a vertical space shooter but a multi-touch 360º shooting. Go all over the level to find aliens ships. There are two game modes: Arcade and Battle. In Arcade mode collect weapons during each wave; in Battle mode collect gold to upgrade ship between waves.

    Some of the spaceship or asteroids destroyed will drop power-ups. Catch them as fast as you can: they'll help you to last longer. What's more, you can upgrade your spaceship to make it more resistant to enemies' attack. You can share your scores on global high score systems. There are also awards and achievements that you'll unlock depending on your performance.

    3D graphics are simple, fair enough for this kind of shooters. controls are simple: automatic shooting, joypad on the left side to control the spaceship.

    In a few words, Neolithic Software didn't discover a new land with this game, however, can assure you lots of fun.

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