Space Rush Cosmo

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    Space Rush Cosmo is a game which belongs to the action genre, but also has a touch of the speedy runner games. Take control of a spaceship and guide it past various types of obstacles in order to travel as far as possible. On your way pick up collectibles such as weapons, ammo and lives that will help you to make the most out of this journey. Game speed will increase the further you get requiring high awareness and quick reactions to obtain a higher score. Scores are given based on the distance traveled and obstacles that were shot down. Compete with friends and others by submitting your scores to our online score board and show them how good you really are at this game by getting your name and score into that Top 20 list.

    There is no real story line here. You are the captain of a spaceship traveling through space at increasing speeds. Guide your ship out of the way of whatever comes at you or shoot it down.

    If you like games such as Zombie Dash, Monster Dash, Lame Castle, Planet Runner, Space Invaders or any games that require high awareness and fast reactions you are also likely to enjoy Space Rush Cosmo.

    no ads,
    3 new missile types,
    new obstacle,
    online score board