Stickman Vs Infinite Ninjas

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    Stickman Vs Infinite Ninjas

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    SvIN is a chaotic game of increasing intensity. You fight using martial arts, both armed and unarmed, against relentless enemies. Inspired by the Xiao Xiao webtoons and other awesome stickfighting animations on

    This game was designed to be a short but intensely chaotic battle, great for those in-between moments when you've got a few minutes. There's no top limit to the game, each game ends in death.

    The fighting arena is randomized so the experience is unique each time. All characters level algorithmically. Game events are not scripted. We just set up the rules, the fighting is up to you.

    Matches are generally short, but ultimately their length depends on your skill. The intensity of the action ramps up the longer you play, according to the capabilities of your device and the difficulty level you choose.

    Some devices handle our control scheme better than others. Sorry. If you'd like to tell us more about the problem, we'll try to help. If your device doesn't respond appropriately, try recalibrating or changing which axis you're using in the menu.

    We've tried to keep the filesize small to respect those with limited devices, this does affect how much content the game carries. For instance... We recommend playing your own music on another player. There is a song included, but for the sake of space, it does not change. Some people fight best to metal, others fight better to classical. We welcome you to create your own soundtrack and mute ours.

    This is our first game. It is not finished. You will get to participate in how the game grows over time via in-game polls.

    Planned upgrades:
    more weapons
    more moves
    enemy death animations
    specials and combos

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