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    Protect yourself with a stun gun for your cellphone!
    Fear no more attacks! Drag your Stun Gun App and send your enemies to the ground!

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    An electrical pulse weapon, also known as electric pulse device or stun gun, is a generally non-lethal weapon, which works on the principle of a controlled electric shock.
    Invented these weapons were probably between the First and the Second World War.

    The stun gun generates a low battery voltage (1.5 to 12 V) a high output voltage. Therefore, most stun guns made of safety plastic and put on two mounted on the front metal contacts on these very high electrical voltage. In principle, this voltage is generated by self-induction: The battery voltage is electronically "chopping" (off and on) and thus given as a "quasi"-AC voltage to an inductor.
    If both contacts with the attacker contacted and triggered the device, the attacker takes the high voltage surges in electric shock. Why is the device stun gun.
    When triggered without contact to a target between the two contacts, an arc is visible. In order to calculate how much voltage stun gun can deliver at least: per millimeter distance between the electrodes, these are about 1,000 V.
    Stun guns are available with voltages up to 10 kV (open circuit voltage). The current strength of the pulses reached peak values ​​in modern models of up to 14 amps (with a pulse width of 20 ĩS over a load of 1 k), and the electric charge of up to 0.15 mC.

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    Basically, there are different types of electric shock principle:
    Handheld: A handheld device has in the palm of your hand and can be worn practically obscured. The form is often modeled after a gun, but only one contact mode.
    Rod unit: In the contacts bar equipment at the tip of a rod attached, which allows you to keep potential attackers at longer distances.
    Stun gun: There are several barbed projectiles, to about 10 meters, fired, with the wires that connect to the weapon. By actuation of the trigger can be given electric shocks.
    Wireless electroshock projectiles: a projectile, which contains a battery or a charged capacitor and barbs, is shot with a conventional shotgun or a special gun.
    Stun Belt or EMD Safety Bracelet: device to keep a person in check. The device is worn on the body of the target person, and can be triggered by remote control.
    commercial or improvised electric generator: used for torture

    Normally an electric pulse gun is a non-lethal weapon. Electric shocks are in all cases very painful and agonizing period also. In some cases (for example, in heart failure, and excessively long), the respondent may also suffer a fatal injury. So after the report of a Canadian newspaper, between 2003 and 2007 in North America almost 300 people were killed by such devices.

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