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    Do you want to drive a tank and fight in a battlefield? Do you want to try different famous tank such as the tank in World War Two? Do you want to know more about the features and differences between tanks from different countries?

    Tank Game can help you solve all the problems. It not only can let you have a game experience but also can let get more knowledge. After you know each tank better in this game, you will be a tank master.

    Now I believe that you must want to know more about this game, right?

    1. There are four countries in this game, America, Soviet, China and Britain. All the tanks are from these four countries. I have told you that there are some tanks that come from the World War Two. Before you choose your tank, you must choose the country first. Slide your finger on the screen to find another country and tanks.

    2. After you have chosen your tank well, you can begin to do some training. Touch the START TRAINING to get a training.

    3. There are two different kinds of score systems in this game: the acceleration score and the shoot score. You must want to know what the acceleration score is. First, you should know what the acceleration is. After the training starts, you have to move your mobile phone, the tank will get a acceleration, the system will give a score to evaluate the acceleration.

    4. Now let me tell you the shoot score. If you want to shoot a bullet, you need to press the volume up key and then you will see a bullet flying on the screen. The system will also give you a score to evaluate the shoot.

    5. The INSTRUCTION can tell you detailed information of each tank such as its history. You know that the INSTRUCTION connects the internet so that you can get more information.

    6. If you would like to support this small tank game, please give it five stars. I will be very happy to get any advice from you. This game will be better with your advice in the future.

    Tank Game is not only a game, in a way, it is a teacher. You can play the game and get knowledge of tanks.

    You can share it with your friends or families. Good thing should be shared with others.

    The tank is the 20th century realization of an old concept: that of offering troops with mobile protection and firepower. The internal combustion engine, armor plate, and the continuous track are key innovations leading to the invention of the tank.

    Armored trains appeared in the mid-19th century, and different armored steam- and petrol-engined vehicles were also proposed. The first armored car was made in Austria in 1904. However, all were restricted to rails or passable terrain. It was the development of a practical caterpillar track that offered the necessary independent, all-terrain mobility.

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