TarzaN Ever Ending Adventure




    Rise to the top and become a TarzaN master.

    Features of the game are:
    -Simple single-tap gameplay
    -Awesome bonuses
    -Original sound and music

    The plot and goals of the game.

    It is a climbing game where you have to climb as high as possible using a ladder. Sounds a simple game? But it isn’t. In the same time you have to avoid wild animals and branches and run away from them using logical thinking-it isn’t a peaceful safari. Background of the story remains Madagascar with green never ending tree, various animals like panda and piggies and main character Tarzan remains ninja who fights against angry zombie, crazy penguin and lost alice.

    Tarzan is very fast and can jump from one ladder to other. If he collects 3 fruits he will improve his mood. He has to watch out his enemies because they will kick him off and send him to the DOOM!

    Your quest is to defeat animals and become the king of Safari and Jungle. During your adventure you will meet plenty of deadly obstacles: angry apes, crazy penguins and deadly birds. Need advice? Run away from them very fast otherwise you will be angry when you will be killed.

    Use your reflex and logical skills to overcome difficulties and own the ladders. Climb to the sky and remember – don’t fall! It will kill you.

    It is a great game for kids who are bored with puzzle and board games. This is awesome escape from other worthless arcade and action games. If you are not feel like other players who likes being hopeless penguin, singing barbie characters, freaky nemo or other boring disney heroes, you should definitely try playing Tarzan. Stop playing lego blocks and start fighting for your life.

    It is ideal game for kids and babies and for boys and girls and for whole families who want to have a great time together. They can organize a match which will quest for the best player in a family. The game is simple at the beginning and hard later so it is suitable for kids, babies, girls, boys and for parents.

    Do you want to learn more? Find out who is Tarzan. Tarzan is similar to a story of a child who grows up in the jungle and is raised by apes. Wild animals become his family which has to protect him against disapproving and dangerous animals like: rhino, snake, lion, tiger, unicorn, panda, monkey, birds, piggies and more. Living in a jungle is difficult for Tarzan. It is not a safari. His biggest enemy is rhino which remains a big monster or zombie.

    Apart from manual skills Tarzan must use his brain and memory skills- strategize his jumps and adopt best approach for each of enemies. Make use of your brain and logical skills and stop being just a monkey or simple ninja for babies living in Madagascar – empower your humanity and prove that you are human, not a toy and you do not have any problems with logic thinking and memory.

    Tarzan is better than lego blocks, board games, puzzle, a toy and barbie. It demands you to use logic thinking and run to the temple. The temple is the safest place in the area. The story presented in the game (used in disney movies) does not remains those Barbie and it is not hard, violence story.

    In free time children as well as their parents choose different types of entertainment like: lego blocks, playing a toy, playing barbie or puzzle. Lego can be not interesting enough for many people. Playing simple toy can be boring as well and puzzle may seem to be too difficult. This time do not choose lego or a toy – choose full of adventure Tarzan game and forget about boring leisure time.

    Tarzan Ever Ending Adventure is a game which will help you to become a character which you can never see if you are disney productions fan.

    Playing games which are different from disney story can guarantee that you will spend interesting and adventure time. The game is suitable not only for barbie admirers but also for those who are over eighteen.
    Tarzan game is a free action and adventure game created by ThunderBull Entertainment.

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