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    Please try uninstalling the previous version before downloading the update. Also rebooting your device. If these do not work we ask that you leave your comments/email with the following:
    • Device (HTC Evo, Motorola Droid X, Samsung Captivate)
    • Android Version (2.1, 2.2, 2.3)
    • Problem (With a detailed description)
    Any issues presented in this way will be worked on immediately. Thank you.

    Please do not report the graphics as an issue. Because Android is a OS on many devices (Not like iPhone for example where there is just 1), it is much harder to make sure an application works on them all. For this reason we have released the alpha with minimal graphics to make it easier to fix any issues. Once we have it running smoothly across all devices we will release the full version which will contain high quality graphics, extended game play and many more options.

    Update will be released today. Version Alpha 2.xx
    This update will include the following.
    √ Enhanced UI
    √ Optimized Game Play
    √ Device Enhancements
    √ Option Additions
    √ Many other Enhancements and Additions
    Please read description before downloading. As we are receiving a number of bad reviews from the fans whom are not reading the full description. This is a alpha version of this game. We are working on this daily and plan to release the final version in the upcoming weeks. This means it is not nearly complete. We are looking for feedback to make the full version that much more enjoyable. For this reason we are not selling it for the full price but only for $1.43. It is not free because the android market does not allow anyone to change a application from free to paid. Which means when we release the final version we would not be able to put it on the market as a paid application. Also for this reason, when we release the final version in the upcoming weeks you will able to upgrade for free. Please understand this before downloading this game. If you would like to try it and find you are not satisfied please feel free to return it. If you do not wish to try this version please wait for the full version to be released instead of leaving ignorant, and unwarranted comments. We thank you for your support and understanding.

    You have always wanted to be able to fly but your tiny wings hold you back from doing so. Lucky you live in a world where there are many beautiful hills that you may ride on and fly off of into the sky!! But Watch out for the night, otherwise when it comes flying will only be a dream once again..

    This is a functional alpha version of Tiny Wings. We are releasing it in its alpha form for only $1.43 and are looking for constructive feedback. Over the next few weeks we will be updating this application constantly. Please make sure to check back often for updates. Because this is a alpha version strictly for user feedback, please do not leave rude or ignorant comments. We understand the game still needs a few changes and that is why it is still considered alpha. When we release the final version in the upcoming weeks the price will also be raised to $6.99. After the price increase anyone who has this alpha version will be able to upgrade the application for free, just like you would any other update. That is our way of saying thank you for helping us alpha test our application and giving us the feedback needed to turn this into a great game!
    When leaving feedback please be sure to include your device model, android version, and any other relevant information. Also leave any issues or request in full detail so that we can easily understand the changes you would like to see.

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