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    Zit Zapper!

    Keep it simple, pop a pimple! Cant sleep? Bored? Stressed? A few minutes with our Zit Zapper app and you'll be feeling much better! Zit Zapper is the best pimple popping, puss slopping game available on Android! Experience what all the puss...I mean fuss is about. Once you start poping, there is no stopping! Sure it is kind of nasty, but also strangely addicting!

    Pop the puss filled, ooey gooey, oozing, zits off the guy or the girls face as fast as you can... really please hurry, they really are a mess! One very sick game!

    Whaaaa....a Pimple Popping app? Yes, it's true! Our app is so full of ooey, gooey goodness - it's an app you need to experience for yourself and even better when experienced together with friends! We always say - once you pop, you can't stop! :D This new version includes the two games in one, one with the guy and one with the girl, both are so full of pimpley zit zapping gooeyness, get ready for some popping good times!

    Ewww! Pop the zits before the time runs out. It's that simple. Try to do it without hurling, or without the amazing mega splat button. Now that might not be so easy!

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