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    Published: 2013-05-14, by .

    Zombies & Trains is an original arcade action game

    • Different game modes
    • Original gameplay
    • Upgrades and power-ups
    • Simple graphics

    "Trains? Deadly weapons"

    Zombies, blood, apocalypse... that kind of things. BUT, trains? What do trains make in this story? Well, actually, they are the keystone of this hilarious casual gameplay. Waves of zombies are trying to grab a prize located in the middle of the screen, surrounded by train tracks. The goal is to avoid zombies to touch the golden prize. Thus, players have to tap the tracks to make the train cross and run over the zombies, blowing them up.

    There are four different game modes. "Arcade" is the campaign mode: in each level players have to fulfill some achievements to pass it. In "Wave" mode, players have to pulverize as many waves of zombies as they can. "Crossing" in which the purpose is to survive for 1 minute and, finally, "Slaughter", the official free-play bloodbath.

    Graphics are simple yet quite acceptable for this kind of casual games. Blood effect isn't too flashy which makes it more kids-friendly. Zombies & Trains keeps the essence of a casual game and adds a pinch of RPG: powerful upgrades, equipment and power-ups not to let a single zombie standing.

    Original and addictive. What an arcade action should be.

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    May 14, 2013

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