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    Published: 2012-10-26, by .

    A space shooter with storyline and touch of humor

    • Hilarious comic cutscenes
    • Two game modes: campaign and survival
    • Graphics
    • Upgrading system
    • Nothing special

    "Re-inventing space shooters"

    A classic space shooter was just a spaceship moving across the screen by shooting aliens and meteors. This game is mainly the same, however, Frima Studio Inc. has developed it from a new approach: adding a storyline, comic scenes and a excellent touch of humor.

    When a game with a simple gameplay is dressed with these features, it becomes way more interesting and entertaining. Freeing the space of invaders and ensure galactic peace can also be fun. Actually, it can be hilarious, like Frima Studio Inc. shows with this title.

    Battle hundreds of enemies across two galaxies in a campaign mode full of dialogues and comic cutscenes. There are two game modes: campaign and survival mode. Likewise, face epic boss fight after each level and collect special weapons that will upgrade your skills and weaponry.

    "A space shooter" is an example of how classic games can be renewed on mobile devices, with lot of action and humor.

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    Oct 26, 2012


    Embark on a hilarious journey through space as Commander P. Jefferson, an alien-hating starfighter at the helm of the mighty USS Eradicator.

    The critically acclaimed Space Shooter franchise, with nearly one MILLION downloads across all platforms, is now available for FREE!

    A Space Shooter for Free delivers hilarious, irreverent action with a download price that’s hard to beat! Combining retro-style shoot ‘em up gameplay, high-resolution graphics, and intuitive touch screen controls, A Space Shooter for Free provides hours of alien-blasting entertainment.

    ***For those craving an even more intense experience, a 99 cent in-game upgrade to the BIG*** version will let you enjoy a slew of additional boss fights, difficulty levels as well as devastating additional special weapons.***

    A Space Shooter for Free players will:

    - BATTLE hundreds of enemies across two galaxies.
    - EXPERIENCE fast-paced, retro-gaming action with incredible detail.
    - ENGAGE in epic boss fights that allow you to keep their special weapons once defeated.
    - ENJOY two ways to play: A hilarious campaign-based story mode and a skill-testing survival mode.
    - LAUGH at more than 25 minutes of fully voiced, hilarious cutscenes.
    - VISIT Jenna’s shop to purchase more than 40 upgrades and power-ups or maybe just do some flirting…
    - DOWNLOAD the full version, unlocking even more boss fights, difficulty levels and special weapons for a one-time 99 cents in-game purchase.

    What the Critics say:

    “A Space Shooter stands apart because of its high degree of polish and production values” - Appolicious
    “Amazing! A solid arcade game with an old-school twist!” - IGN
    “The value proposition is dynamite” - Touch Arcade
    “Explosions, machismo and explosions of machismo!” - 148apps
    “9/10 It’s funny, it’s fun!” -

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