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    Gross, grosser, PIMPLES! :) The best and fastest pimple popper game around. Challenge your friends for the biggest highscore or just make them scream and laugh. Nasty pimple popping action! TOP10 in some countries. NOW EVEN BETTER: take a booth photo and pick your own zits!
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    Quick and nimble? Pop a pimple! Are you the fastest zit picker around? Proof it!

    Paula Papula is a young girl nearly out of puberty with one red problem: swollen pimples all over her face! She's not ugly, but no matter how many of those zits she pops or squeezes, they just keep coming back like bubbles. Prom is near and she hasn't found a date yet. No wonder with those weird bumps sticking around... become her personal hero and help her NOW!

    Pop it, pick it, squeeze it! Those pimples have to GET IT!

    * Paula Papula - the girl
    * Paul Papule - the boy
    * Zombie Papula - the female rotten com rade
    * YOU! use your own photo and booth it with pimples
    * challenge your friends in highscore game mode

    Pop them, burst 'em, zap 'em! Or this mugen face will even worsen!

    Remember: Only pop virtual scabs, because squeezing a real whitehead will leave greasy scars and make your skin even worse! Your mom is bored and can't leave your blisters alone? Then this game may be an ideal gift FOR YOUR MOTHER! ;) Squeeze this blemish pustules and watch the puz splash and ooze.

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