Aeon Racer - Neon Glow Racing

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    ★★★ NEWS ★★★
    New item "hourglass" added !
    Market Bug fix (Billing Service will now shut down properly).

    Items can now be unlocked by using the in game currency "stars" which you collect through playing Aeon Racer or other games!

    "... Aeon Racer is a game you will not want to miss out on"

    "the bright design and simple gameplay echoes all of the great things about classic arcade games"

    Fly for your life in this classic arcade-style racing game!
    Dogde gates, discover mysterious galaxies, train your reflexes and reach maximum velocity to gain the ultimate highscore! The universe is your new playground.

    ★★★ CHANGE LOG ★★★
    Send us your feedback to !
    Also please report possible issues directly to us!
    We're not the bad guys, we'd like to help solve the problems...

    Work in progress (upcoming release):
    * OpenFeint integration for Highscore
    * More levels
    * better performance

    * new item "hourgalss" to slow down your speed
    * Bugfix: "Billing Service" no closes properly with the app (thx to all users reporting this bug and sorry for the inconvenience)
    * Bugfix: stablility improved (Android Market

    * various bugfixes, sry for that

    * added a virtual currency named "stars"
    * stars can be earned by playing AeonRacer
    * stars can be earned by installing other free games
    * with stars you can buy items and unlock new levels

    * More than doubled the levels!
    * Option galaxy via In-App-Billing
    * Volume control adjusts volume =)
    * Better "Androidish" behavior of game

    * Now requires Android 2.2
    * Enabled App2Sd
    * Improved performance
    * Fixed bug in ship control. Should now be much smoother now!
    * Fixed bug in ingame menu
    * Added support for BACK key
    * HOME button now suspends the game
    * It is now possible to turn down media volume ingame

    * Initial release

    ★★★ Features at a glance ★★★
    ▷ 3 unique galaxies
    ▷ 5 levels per galaxy
    ▷ Infinite mode for endless entertainment
    ▷ Highscore system
    ▷ Smooth space ship controls
    ▷ Neon-styled graphics

    ★★★ Detailed description ★★★
    A little spaceship and clever reactions are all you need for your great adventure in outer space.

    Three mysterious galaxies await, each with its own individual design and challenges. On your race through space you have to pass accelerating gates and use various items to reach breathtaking velocity.

    Get faster, get better, get addicted! Try to break your own highscore (or the highscore of your friends) in a special treat at the end of each galaxy: an infinite level that offers the opportunity for an endless slide through space where the only goal is survival.

    Do you have what it takes to conquer the challenging universe of Aeon Racer?

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