Air Hockey




    Classic Air Hockey game available now!
    Score goals against the computer and defend your goal post. Whoever scores more goals wins the game.

    Also playable with D-Pad but using the touch screen will give you the best results to control your striker.

    Game Objective:
    Strike goals against the opponent. Who ever scores more goals (out of 10) wins the game

    Game can be be played with key pad but its far more enjoyable with the touch screen as the striker can be very easily controlled.

    Touch pad keys:
    DPad Left = Move left
    DPad Right = Move right
    DPad Up = Move up
    DPad Down = Move down
    DPad Center = Strike disc
    P Key = Pause / Resume

    Resume = To resume game
    Main = To go back to the main menu
    Exit = To exit application

    Difficulty Modes:
    Easy = Opponent moves slow, Opponent strikes disc with low power
    Medium = Opponent moves faster then Easy Mode, Opponent strikes the disc with more power as compared to Easy Mode
    Difficult = Opponent moves faster then Medium Mode, Opponent strikes the disc with more power as compared to Medium Mode

    General features:
    Audios called when goal scored, own goal scored, and game finish

    Features with touch mode:
    1- With touch mode striker can strike the disc with 12 different angles
    2- Striker distance covered while striking the ball increases / decreases the power with which disc is struck

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