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    You are the first, last and the only line of defense. Air Strike Classic is an addictive arcade style shooting game with a warfare mission to control the army base, destroy the enemy helicopters & paratroopers, win the battle and get honored. Get set for fast paced action as enemy paratroopers aim to blow up your base. Take control of your gun and rain fire into the skies before it's too late.
    Make no mistake; you can change the course of history.


    - Simple and addictive gameplay
    - Arcade Style
    - Shooting Game
    - More than 10 major planned updates
    - Immersive sound effects and smooth game controls
    - Campaign mode coming soon
    - Warfare mood and Patriotic setup
    - Rival scout as in Paratrooper

    Be a loyal cadet by destroying the rival’s chopper and infantry and saving your basecamp from being bombarded. Air strike Classic, an addictive arcade style shooting game, brings back the patriotic zeal of a loyal scout with a warfare mission.The warfare mission is to control the army basecamp, destroy the enemy helicopters, without letting them discharge any of their jets & paratroopers, win the battle and get honored.
    Welcome to this fierce battlefield of rival paratrooper scouts and a loyal cadet. In this battlefield, you are a ‘One man Army’ fighting against rival scouts and copters that discharge commandos and for the purpose of protecting your basecamp from being bombard.
    Get ready for fast paced action as your enemy paratroopers aims to blow your army basecamp. Witness their progression as they get discharge from the fighter choppers and travel in order to bombard the gunner commandos at your basecamp. The mission is simple: either to enhance your patriotic fervor and slam the fighter copter or to die as a loyal cadet. The rival scouts ‘The paratroopers’ that pile up with a mission to blow your base camp forms a team of five to attack the gunner cadet in the basecamp. Play a dutiful soldier and save your basecamp by firing up the skies every second, because the enemy troopers are coming faster than ever!
    Air Strike Classic offers an awesome gameplay in which you’re constantly involved in the warfare action as the pace of the game gets faster and more exciting every second.

    Airstrike, Paratrooper, Battlefield, Scout, Trooper, Strike, Target, Base, Rival, Bombard, Copter

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    Devin Lamarsh

    by Devin Lamarsh

    Jul 22, 2016  |  "Great"

    It wasn't the actual original but it was good.

    Olena Destefano

    by Olena Destefano

    Nov 28, 2014  |  "Good"


    Rafael Pacamalan

    by Rafael Pacamalan

    Aug 19, 2014  |  "Good"

    Nice game

    Brandon Poulsen

    by Brandon Poulsen

    May 30, 2014  |  "Good"

    The game is pretty good other than you only have one life and no armor, unless you want to purchase lives. Also, the plane's bombs drop too fast, making the game less fun. Because of these things, I will be uninstalling.

    Dave Lovelock

    by Dave Lovelock

    Apr 14, 2014  |  "Poor"

    EVO crash. But wait...they seriously want me to pay for lives? Moving on...

    William Fong

    by William Fong

    Jan 31, 2014  |  "Awesome"

    Love your game because it looks so fun it's also pretty cool actually my friend my friend has the same game he said that the game is cool is he said that there's persons and then there's this guy shoot I think and then and then what happened was I had to go home but he said that is so fun like jumping off a pair shoes the Wii and the light kit and it's kind of cool because the soldiers to be there