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    So you have been scheming long to prank your friends and family. Well, now is the time to Shock & Awe them with the power of the CLAYMORE MINE app. Just arm the mine and walk away. It's that simple. The mine can be triggered by - Touch, Movement or remotely via an SMS.

    This app is based on the legendary Claymore Anti-Personnel Mine, serving the United States Military & it's Allies since the 1960's.


    1. Open the Claymore Mine App. The Mine is NOT armed yet. It's safe to touch and move around the phone at this stage without triggering a simulated explosion.
    2. To arm the mine, click open the phone's Options Menu. Select the option 'ARM MINE'. The mine gets ARMED after 5 seconds by giving out a distinctive double beep.
    3. It's important to get away from the Mine (your phone) within 5 seconds of arming it, else it might trigger a simulated explosion in your hands.
    4. It's best to initially find a suitable spot to place the Mine (near your prank targets - unsuspecting friends & family!), and then arm the device.

    Note: The Mine needs to be ARMED before proceeding with the below steps.

    1. The Claymore Mine has in-built intelligence & can be triggered in 3 different ways - via Touch, Movement as well as SMS commands.
    2. Touch - Once the Mine is armed, it can be triggered by touching the Mine (on your phone's screen).
    3. Movement - The Mine detects movement of the phone via it's motion sensors to trigger a simulated explosion.
    4. SMS - The Mine can also be triggered remotely via an SMS command. Just text DET MINE to the Claymore Mine (your phone hosting the Armed Claymore Mine) from another cell phone and watch the shock and surprise on your friends faces! The incoming SMS will not even be heard. All that your friends will hear is a loud kaboom!!


    1. There can be instances when you have armed a Mine, and decide to abort triggering it.
    2. To cater to the above situation just text DISARM MINE to the Claymore Mine (your phone hosting the Armed Claymore Mine) from another cell phone.
    3. The Mine is now disarmed and you can safely move around and use the phone without triggering any simulated explosions.

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