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    Alpha Zone is proud to present to you Alpha Gun Pro the complete version of Alpha Gun.Like stated before this app is created for weapon lovers. It's carefully designed to simulate every aspect of weapon using experience. In Alpha Gun Pro all special weapons are unlocked. It will bring you the pleasure of trying special weapons featured in many of the most famous movies, tv shows and video games ( Bleach, Supernatural, Devil May Cry, God of WAr, Gi-joe, Starwars, Hammer of Thor ).

    Guns, swords, machines guns, bombs, katana's and all new and old firearms . Shoot, fire, aim, reload, flash, zoom in, zoom out, blow, explode, slice, stab , do whatever you want. This app is created with fun so use it for fun with friends.

    Launch your best charachters special attacks with their mythical weapons.

    Alpha Gun Pro special weapons :

    - Blades of Exile
    - Meitou, Sandai Kitetsu, Shuusui
    - Black Sword Yoru
    - Lightsaber
    - Hammer of thor
    - The colt
    - Zangetsu
    - Ebony and Ivory
    - Rebellion
    - Yamato
    - Blade of Justice
    - Snake Eyes Sword

    Alpha Gun Pro weapons :

    - 9mm Pistol / Glock / Gun : With multiple extensions ( silencer, flash light... )
    - Machine Gun AK-47 : manual and automatic mode
    - Shotgun
    - Sniper : with zoom
    - Grenade
    - Katana : swing or stab
    - M1 Garand
    - MP5 : manual and automatic mode with silencer extension
    - Gold Revolver : special weapon
    - Bazooka / Rocket launcher
    - Landmine : special features
    - Gatling / Minigun : automatic shooting mode
    - Magnum revolver
    - Knife : slice or stab modes

    Alpha Gun Pro gaming modes and featured worlds
    - Quick Game
    - Terror House
    - War Zone
    - God of War
    - One Piece
    - Star Wars
    - Hammer of Thor
    - Supernatural
    - Bleach
    - Devil May Cry
    - Gi-Joe

    Alpha Gun Pro featured characters :

    - Cratos
    - Roronoa Zoro
    - Dracule Mihawk
    - Dark Vador
    - Thor
    - Sam and dean
    - Ichigo
    - Dante
    - Vergil
    - Snake eyes
    - Storm Shadow

    Alpha Gun Pro provides :

    - Total control over your weapons
    - Realistic weapon sounds
    - Realistic weapon design
    - Detailed HD full graphics
    - Animated HD backgrounds
    - A wide variety of backgrounds for every weapon and every gaming mode
    - Special android components
    - Compatibility on a wide range of devices
    - Quick sound loading
    - Total use of your phone or tablet hardware ( accelerometre, flash light, multi-touch screen ...)
    - Social networks linking

    Alpha Zone is thankful for every fan and every download of this application or any other application we create. We are open and waiting for your comments , critics and any ideas of improvement. This app is the product of our hard work so make sure to try it and enjoy it. To support us more make sure to follow us on social networks (facebook, twitter, google+).

    If you download this app, make sure to read the copyright text. We like to remind you that besides the violent nature of Alpha Gun we do not encourage any weapon using or trafficking or anything that relates to that , it's just for fun.

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