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    Published: 2012-06-29, by .

    Andor's Trail is a simple RPG for Android

    • Storyline
    • Essence of the classic RPG
    • Graphics

    "Amateur RPG"

    Yes, really simple I meant. First time I've tried it I thought that it needed lot of developing work (and I do) and I didn't understand the reason of that respectable amount of downloads. However, its minimalistic design has its charm. What's more, what it lacks regarding graphics, it's offset by it storyline.

    Like classic RPG you have to fulfill quests, trade, grab items, kill enemies, discover maps and upgrade your character. Lots of dialogues with multiple answers you can choose among, like old classic adventure games. Tap to attack, to grab items and to move through the screen.

    It should be certainly enhanced: from popup dialogues to environments and battles view. We hope its developer will focus on this. Anyway, he warns that the game is under development and more maps and enhancements are coming soon.

    RPG game on the right track.

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    Jun 29, 2012


    Quest-driven Roguelike fantasy dungeon crawler RPG with a powerful story. Uncover the truths about your home village and the disappearance of your brother.

    Battle fierce monsters, gain experience and levels. Solve quests, find hidden treasures and improve your equipment and skills.

    Code is open-source (GPL).

    Please visit the game's website for gameplay hints or to chat with other players.

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