Angry Hedgehog Fruit Defense




    Angry Hedgehog Fruit Defense

    Hedgehog the Strongman wants to eat all fruit to get even more power!

    Watch the video to learn how to play!

    - Hours of fun!
    - Funny graphics and music, modern look, cool classic gameplay
    - Five modes to choose from: classic, level choose, blinking, fruit avoid, insane
    - Collect fruit to get better score
    - Powerups to use
    - Challenge with other players (global leaderboards) and climb to the top to be the best!
    - Improves reflex and perception
    - Free arcade android game

    Angry Hedgehog Fruit Defense is a free arcade game for Android devices.

    Slice the threat and become a defender of this dark world! Fight in combat against fruit and eat them all. You should get rid of all fruit in the air. The hedgehog can’t lose this war..

    If you lose don’t run to a temple to pray and don’t get angry, instead jump in a couch, focus like a ninja and do some experiments to get better results.

    No matter how good or bad the weather is, summer hot or winter ice, play your favorite music and start Angry Hedgehog Fruit Defense. It can improve your brain abilities (reflex, perception) in a funny way.
    Birds chirping, ant in the grass, wild hedgehog with a fruit- they announce spring and good results in the game so download it now! You’ll be another happy gamer.
    The game is suitable for kids (no blood) and works without a keyboard (use of a touch screen). You should have this game in your collection of classic games jewels.
    Scores are saved on the phone and online so you don’t have to write them on the paper.
    Cut your disbeliefs and try something different than puzzle or chess and test your speed and reaction.
    Check the clock .. It is the best time to download this app and start your journey.
    And don’t forget to send sms to a friend about this game ;)
    Apk file doesn’t take too much free space.
    Hopefully, you will love this app!

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