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    Ant Squash is a fun free game where your objective is to use your finger to smash as many ants as you possibly can. If you love ant smasher type games, you will love Ant Squash. Don't let the bugs take over your house. This free game will cure hours of boredom, guaranteed. Ant Squash now includes 3 different difficulty levels in different locations. There are also now multiple bug types. The elusive gold ant is really fast and worth double points!

    How often have you wanted to just mindlessly kill a bunch of ants, but there weren't any nearby? Perhaps you had a bad day at the office and you need to squash some bugs to cool down your aggression. This casual game has something for everyone, and it is great for kids and adults of all ages. So sit down, cool off, and squish some ants!

    Ant Squash is truly epic. With 3 difficulty levels and 36 exciting gameplay levels, the fun will never stop. It is great for kids and adults of all ages, and unlike some other ant smasher or bug smasher type games out there, you will not be spammed by bothersome ads. Just play and compete for the high score!

    Ant Squash is one of the best free games in all the land. Unlike other ant smasher games out there, Ant Squash does not completely hound you with annoying pop up advertisements, that is just not cool. And honestly, who doesn't love killing ants?

    Playing Ant Squash is simple. pick your difficulty level, and watch as the ants crawl down your screen. Use your finger to squash them. If an ant reaches the bottom of the screen, you lose. When you have mastered one level, turn up the difficulty! Hours of bug smashing fun awaits you!

    - Ant Squash is an amazing free game that will never ask you for money.
    - Three difficulty levels make Ant Squash fun for kids and adults alike!
    - Force Feedback vibration makes you feel like you are really smashing bugs!
    - Authentic sound effects when you smash the ants.
    - Hip music to keep the beats flowing.
    - Great practice for clearing your yard of unwanted pests!
    - Tablet Games - Ant Squash works great on both phones and tablets!

    I am always looking to improve my apps, and if you have any suggestions on how I can make Ant Squash better, please e-mail me or leave a comment and I will get to it ASAP. I will update often based on user feedback. This free game is for you guys!

    Ant Squash and my other free games are tested using a Samsung Galaxy S II and an Acer a500 tablet and it works great on both devices. If your device has issues, let me know and I will address it ASAP. Once again, thank you for trying Ant Squash, happy smashing!

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