Little game for all of you, fan of retro-gaming and old habitue of smoky arcade.

    This is an exciting space shooting game freely inspired by an old arcade.
    Fight against tons of aliens coming down to invade the Earth!
    Use the accelerometer of your (smart)phone or tablet, rolling it left or right, to move your space gun. Fire by tapping any point on the screen.
    Hit the nasty aliens, avoiding the missiles that literally rain over your gun. There are three energy barriers that shield your ship temporarily, but beware: the enemy fire will slowly make its way inside the barriers.
    From time to time the alien mother ship shall enter your view to control the situation: try to hit it at the center, the more your missile hits the ship in a point near the center, the more your score will be increased (from 25 to 125 points).
    Each level is harder than the previous: aliens shall be more and more aggressive, more enemy missiles shall be fired, and the energy barriers shall be thinner.
    If you shall reach level 3, well, you are good. If you arrive at level 4, your are a master.

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