Arcis takes tower-defense games to a new level. For the first time you will have the chance to not only build towers and design a defense system, but actively fight enemies as well. Taking control of the central tower, power goes into your hands. Can you fight off the enemy hordes in this innovative mix of tower-defense and arcade style?

    • 3 Tower types with multiple upgrades
    • Upgradable central tower
    • Engaging and active gameplay
    • Large board for multiple strategic decisions
    • Music composed by Michael Betz
    • Live graphics that react as you play

    1) Why isn't there a touch to shoot mode?
    Because of the draw walls/drag towers design, the game became extremely complicated with the introduction of a touch to shoot feature. This feature was tested and removed due to impact on game flow.

    2) Why is it hard to shoot with the central tower?
    Because the central tower is over five times as strong as a fully upgraded attack tower.

    3) Why is the only game type survival mode?
    Because a level based system is planned for later games. Arcis 2 concepts are planned, but there is no estimated release date.

    4) Why can you only pause the game by locking the device?
    Try the back button. Once pauses the game, twice returns to the main menu, three times closes the application.

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