AREL WARS 2's review

    Published: 2012-09-25, by Peter Warrior.

    "An active defense game"

    • Complex and complete
    • Amount of levels and stuff
    • Storyline and variety
    • Perhaps too dense for the uninitiated.

    "Amidst the chaos, the order is born"

    Arel Wars 2 is, of course, the sequel to Arel Wars, and it follows the same path. Overall, it's the same game with slightly improved graphics, more skills, more levels, more units and more options. In short, if you liked Arel Wars stop reading this review and download this new and improved version right now.

    Otherwise, beware this game. What it seemed a standard defense game in which you have to protect your castle and destroy your enemy's, becomes a complex game there is a wide array of ways to do so. First, because every one of the three available tribes has its own background and units; secondly, there are combinations and upgrades enough to ensure a long replayability. Lastly, even though you can survive as you can to every stage, there are challenge missions to get additional awards. As if this wasn't enough, you can battle other players in order to get special items. We would only ask for some mercy for newbies, perhaps in the form of automated options or another game mode to practice and test out your units.

    As it happened with first edition of Arel Wars, it's a game that will deter newcomers to this genre, even when there's a nice tutorial and everything is explained as many times as needed. On the other hand, real time strategy and active-defense gamers will find here in Arel Wars 2 their best ally so far.

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