AREL WARS™'s review

    Published: 2012-02-22, by Peter Warrior.

    A defense game with RPG touches.

    • Great strategy game
    • Replayability
    • Not suited for lightcore gamers

    "Safe Drusilla to start with"

    Arel Wars should be presented as an advanced tower defense game, though we'd be short if we would. Indeed, Arel Wars not only is a defense game in its core, but also gathers elements from RPGs as character upgrading through experience and you must attack enemy core tower in order to overcome your foe and advance to the next stage.

    Every one of the starting heroes available represents a race and a different campaign. So so, 120 stages each, so there's game for a while.

    Game may be quite complicated in comparison to other defense games, so don't forget to take the tutorial at the beginning of the first stage and the advanced tutorial at the start of the second. Before that you'll see that there are a lot of different troops available, plus special hero abilities and even an equipment slot. As you advance levels and gain experience you'll be rewarded with skills and troops and items to stuff these slots.

    Nice detail: from the options tab you can upload your data to back it up or if you need to restore your memory. It's also appreciated the brief yet skippable intro and anime-like characters and long dialogues. Music might be too hardcore to whomever expected something faerier.

    Therefore it may not be a game suited for too casual gamers, though it's highly recommendable for advanced strategy gamers looking for an actual challenge. Arel Wars has a ton of hours of gameplay and, in case they weren't enough, you can always start a new profile with another character or enjoy the community options.

    UI can be a little messy because of the too many options available, and online challenges are kinda strange but, no matter how you look at it, we're standing before one of the most wonderful, complex and replayable tower game ever.

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