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    This is the Android port of id Software's id Tech 3 engine. It will let you play Quake 3 Arena and various mods on your phone.

    You can now press Menu key in game and configure the controls. The default control is to use one joystick for both movement and shooting. Press the inner ring to move and strafe, and press outer ring to shoot. The phone will vibrate once you touch the outer ring so you know you are shooting.

    If you are more comfortable to move with joystick and shoot with trigger, press menu key in game to switch to traditional control.


    1)The game will download Quake 3 Arena Free Demo when you launch it for first time. This is a one time only download. Make sure you have turned WiFi on before you start the game, so you will not be billed any wireless data rates by your carrier.

    2)To play the full game on phone, you need to own a retail copy of Quake 3. Otherwise you can continue playing the free demo or download mods;

    3)To install the full retail game, copy all pk3 files from your Quake 3 Arena CD to /quake3/baseq3 on your phone's sd card;

    4)Multiplayer game is supported as well. You can start a game server on your PC or phone, then play with friends and families using WiFi. Or you can play on any public 1.32 Quake 3 Arena servers.

    Supported devices

    You can play the game with either a hardware keyboard or on screen D-pad. The game supports hardware D-pad and trackball as well. Tested on Htc myTouch 4g. Minimum Android version is 2.1.

    Installation of full retail game:

    1)Create a directory quake3 in the root of your sdcard and also create a baseq3 directory inside it. If you have launched the game at least once on your phone, the folders will have already been created automatically.

    2)Copy pak0.pk3 of your Quake3 CD to the quake3/baseq3 directory on your sd card.

    3)Download the Quake3 1.32 point release and copy pak1-pak8.pk3 to quake3/baseq3 on your sd card.

    4) Start the game :)


    The game is controlled using the physical or on screen keyboard, touch screen and trackball (if available). The most important controls are:

    Movement: a/s/w/d, up/down arrows
    Look: touch screen, trackball and left/right arrows
    Shooting: Alt / D-pad center / tap on screen / trackball
    Tilde (quake3 console): search button
    Escape: back button
    Menu: menu button

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