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    Armored Defense II Lite: Tower's review

    Published: 2012-02-07, by Peter Warrior.

    A WWII themed defense game.

    • Great defense game
    • It might be a little bit outdated

    "Yes, sir! Right now, sir!"

    Armored II is, as it name implies, a defense game. This means that you should choose carefully your units and place them on a map to prevent enemies to cross the map and reduce your life meter. Defense games used to be about fantasy-related or future hi-tech themes, but such craze gave up to the releasing of a tower defense game related to whatever you can imagine. This Armored II is about WWII, and we have bunkers and tanks instead of any other stuff.

    Every enemy unit has its own characteristics, as have yours, so you have to place your units accordingly and upgrade them wisely when you earn extra credits. What makes the difference is that Armored II is extremely well designed, graphics have a high resolution and three zoom levels (quite useful to understand what's happening on a map bigger than your screen) and gameplay is rather better than many other defense-like games where stages are either too easy or difficult to advance without buying upgrades through an in-app purchase. Oh, there's an in-app purchase of course in case you want to advance faster, but game's free otherwise whenever you don't waste your money.

    Nice additions are the testing ground -a practice mode, the possibility to order bombers to lay waste somewhere or the fact that some towers can't fire when their target is too close to them.

    On the other hand, we know this review comes late, because all these mentioned perks can't avoid the fact that at this time it's somehow an outdated game. It's still a great and complex defense game and every defense gamer will enjoy it, but overall, once you play it you'll have to choose whether to being addicted to it or look for more modern defense games elsewhere.

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    Feb 07, 2012



    THE Tower Defense Game for smart people

    - "Armored Defense II is a great tower defense game, it might even be one of the best, it looks great and has even more features than I’ve mentioned here such as dropping bombs and laying mines." Mark Dell -

    - "It’s very rare that you’d encounter a tower defense type of game for the Android that is as detailed, well designed and developed as Armored Defense II". Arnold Zafra -

    Armored Defense II is the first strategic Tower Defense game, a surprise from start to end. One of the best Tower Defense games in terms of quality, realism and game play.
    Your mission is to defend your territory from the hordes of armored vehicles that try to invade it by strategically deploying defense towers on the elevated sectors of the terrain. You can also put minefields in critical paths to slow the enemy’s tanks. And even build railways which Anti-tank towers can travel on to reach zones of hard coverage. In a tight spot? Call in air support to devastate a particularly contentious area.

    - Unique Features:
    • BIG maps (much bigger than average TD maps: 640x1920 pixels = 6 to 8 times a "normal" map) with 3 levels of zoom
    • Railways for towers: anti-tank towers are great on them
    • Bombers to devastate land areas
    • Minefields, a special tower type that slows attackers

    -Enemy tanks special abilities:

    • Stealth, the capacity to disappear from your towers' radars during the hardest times
    • Speed Boost, activated in critical situations generating a speed increase for several seconds.
    • Self-Repair, allows vehicles to repair damage in march
    • Anti-missile, protects tanks from tower missiles
    • “The Tortoise”, an extra layer of armor that protects the main chassis of armored vehicles

    - 3 difficulty levels and 3 military careers to engage in 5 different scenarios: thousand of missions and hundreds of hours of fun!
    - Over 40 achievements, you can win virtual money (AD$) unlocking achievements
    Tip: play the Training Camp to test your Tower Defense strategy with towers and tanks
    VERY IMPORTANT - If you have some issues, please email me (tap "Send email to developer" bellow). I will respond all the queries.

    Especially interesting for those who like Tower Defense games as "Fieldrunners", "Robo Defense", "Myth Defense", "Grave Defense", "Jelly Defense", "Guns'n'Glory", "Tower Defense", "Sentinel" or "Tower Raiders"

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    Dennis Radjenovic

    by Dennis Radjenovic

    Feb 16, 2016  |  "Poor"

    Good effort guys but minus 555 coz its crap

    Ian Whitehouse

    by Ian Whitehouse

    Feb 03, 2016  |  "OK"

    Played free version and loved it so I bought the in app purchase version worked for few days now just loads to white screen. Went to app store for my nexus tablet and tried opening from there. Same blank white screen even though it shows I bought it. HELP

    H. V. N. Kaul

    by H. V. N. Kaul

    Jan 29, 2016  |  "Poor"

    Free version is over in 15 min!

    Pramod Ghuge

    by Pramod Ghuge

    Nov 16, 2015  |  "Good"

    Crashes after showing an warning message that the architecture of the application use not compatible with the device

    Simon Larkin

    by Simon Larkin

    Sep 21, 2015  |  "OK"

    ....then it will soon error out not worth buying

    Costin Mirica

    by Costin Mirica

    Jun 01, 2015  |  "Awesome"

    Great tower defense game! Very challenging!