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    Armour Battle Tank

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    NOTE ! There is no depiction of violence against any presumed persons, as all
    equipment involved are remote controlled drones, on both sides.

    This is a 70's type arcade game. Enjoy!
    Have you ever wished to battle jets,helicopters,tanks,artillery and drones? Now is your chance!
    Put yourself and others in the game using the camera/import and voice recording features.

    Replace You (blue soldier) with a picture of anyone in history you admire.
    Replace your Enemy (red soldier) with a picture of your favourite villain in history.
    Replace your Friend (green soldier) with a picture of someone you would wish to rescue.

    NEW for this version. - Use the Camera or Import a picture of You, your Enemy and your Friend.
    Assign 2 voices from any source to each character.

    New layout ,action features and enemy drones,
    Plus be top of world list.
    Upload your scores
    to world wide web site and compete
    against players from all over the world.
    Put your self, country, state, city at top
    of list.
    Now share your scores with others by E-Mail.
    Save your scores tagged with the game player to
    compare with others and improve on your previous scores
    PLUS - now with Infra-Red Night Vision for rescue missions under cover of darkness.
    Use your Armoured Tank in Battle against increasing numbers of enemy armoured tanks,helicopters,jets, missiles and anti-tank guns. With your Radar Scanners, Infra-Red Night Vision and Missile Targeting System lock onto them and run up the points to move on to new levels.
    Try the higher skill levels for even more points.

    Fire & forget guided missile
    Track enemy on radar.
    Capture enemy outpost.
    Destroy enemy tanks & guns.
    Destroy enemy jets/missiles.
    Destroy enemy Helicopters.
    Capture enemy fuel/ammo.
    Destroy enemy missile pad.
    Pick up your companions.
    Return them to base.
    Time yourself at each level.
    Multiple skill levels.

    Select Help for game instructions.

    For the helicopter version also try Armour Helicopter.

    NOTE- Developed & tested on a Samsung S2. and S4. So I don't know how it performs on other phones.

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