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    Published: 2012-05-22, by .

    Assaulter is a shooter that reminds classic arcade games

    • Great timewaster
    • Arcade games style
    • Entertaining
    • Upgrading system
    • Shooting is automatic

    "War on terror"

    NOTE: Assaulter-Special includes some special missions.

    You're an assaulter, a professional soldier trained to continue War on Terror by other means: direct combat. There aren't prisoners, no hostages. Your goal is to end up with all the terrorist out there in the desert.

    Basically, you have to move, roll along and jump to avoid attacks coming from the terrorist. You don't need to tap to shoot: the assaulter does it automatically (we would like to shoot by ourselves). However, arming the assaulter is your due. Upgrade the assaulter with new weapons, skills and items and switch between them during the battle. Try to use the money you get each time you kill a terrorist properly, or it will become difficult to advanced through level with old and low-end weapons.

    The graphics are like classic Arcade Games. It reminds us first Street of Rages graphics. If you're a nostalgic of this kind of gameplay and graphics, we're pretty sure you will like Assaulter. The controls are quite easy since you don't have to worry about shooting. Just avoid attacks and choose weapons.

    Assaulter has been developed by CWA Games, an emerging developer who has launched another similar game (Alert Terrorist) on the market.

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    May 22, 2012


    The most interesting, stimulating and striking shooting game is Here!
    --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Assaulter ranks top 10 in app store of more than 50 countries, achieving over 5 million downloads, and is the most interesting, stimulating and striking shooting game! Its Android version ranks top 20 in app store of more than 50 countries, and ranks the 13th in North America.
    Fierce gunfight game comes on stage with a variety of weapons, sophisticated levels and delicate pictures. Disgustful terrorists have brought the world too many disasters, pains and angers. Their crimes must be subject to sanctions! Come on and join us to complete combat missions around the world. Pick up your weapons and shoot them to death!
    There will be no coward in anti-terrorist combats.
    Game Features:
    Assaulter provides 120 levels of different funs!
    With the marine, terrestrial and aerial settings, you can defeat all terrorists in skyscrapers, on luxury cruises or old trains! All levels can be repeatedly challenged and replayed.

    Ten Cities for Redemption!
    Assaulter can bring you to almost everywhere in the world, Saudi Arabia, the Caribbean, Las Vegas, London, Africa, the Pacific Oceans, Hong Kong, Australia, New York, Pakistan and so on, bringing you into different anti-terrorist combats.

    Powerful Terrorists!
    Religious extremists with bombs all over them, gunships with air-to-ground guided missiles, submarines in the deep ocean, killing machines developed by anti-humanity doctors…different kinds of enemies make the game full of challenges!

    3 Anti-Terrorist Fighters for Your Choice!
    Strikers, snipers, and blasters have their unique characteristics and distinct weapons to fight terrorists!
    Don’t forget grenades!
    Don’t be afraid. No matter how powerful enemies are, highly lethal grenades can sweep them all!
    You will become the unrivalled anti-terrorist fighter!
    Remember to update your weapons, like assault rifles, shotguns, sniper rifles, armors and grenade clips. Bear that in mind: you can only defeat stronger enemies after you get stronger!
    Infinite gold is waiting for you!
    Don’t worry about money, and we have infinite money for you to win. If you achieve “magic” level at each pass, the magic “infinite money” will come to you!
    The anti-terror war has begun. Come and join us!

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