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    Assiege3DLite - Demolition is something a little different; it's simple to play and consists of 8 separate challenging missions for the player to complete. You have an infinite number of projectiles to complete each mission. The fewer projectiles fired the higher the score you will achieve per mission and overall. The mission objectives are explained the first time you attempt a mission. It's a 3D Siege Demolition game with realistic physics simulation. If you are the type of person who likes to knock cans from a wall this is the game for you. Destroy/Demolish towers, sink ships, knock over 3D objects in a 3D world.

    Use the different views to help hit the target objects.

    Difficulty Level : Can take a while to complete a level.

    If you get it wrong it can take over 1/2 an hour to complete a mission. Think it through rather than just keep firing. Remember the more projectiles you fire the worse a score you'll get.

    Have you got the skill and patience to complete Assiege3DLite - Demolition?.

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