Asterrids is a single player arcade style game in which you direct a blue player through a field of oncoming red and green "asterrids". The red asterrids will take a life when hit, but the green asterrids give you extra points! Additionally, for every red asterrid that makes its way off screen, you'll score one point.

    The game has 4 difficulties, from Easy, to Extreme, and has 2 different control schemes. The first scheme, called screen, allows you to simply touch on the screen wherever you want to player to go, and he will follow your touch at a set speed. The second scheme, called analog, paints a soft analog stick on your screen which you can use to control the player.

    The game has local leaderboards for each difficulty, and has several settings, including sound on/off and soft analog size.

    This is my first game as an Android developer, and I'd love to get any feedback you might have on my game!

    I've tested Asterrids on a 2.1 Emulator, a 2.2 LG Optimus T, a 2.3.3 Sony Xperia X10a, and a 2.3.4 HTC Droid Incredible. If the app force closes on your phone or you have any suggestions on how to make the game better, please, please, please email me at

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