Astro Flipper Pinball




    Known for playing pinball in a futuristic realization.

    On the orbit of Jupiter combating dangerous asteroids and you gather energetic crystals. Monoliths obstruct access to valuable crystals but you have plasma balls which attack the enemy!
    If you will go through four tables and destroy the four asteroids, you will get energetic crystal! And start the next round at a higher level of difficulty. Win crystals and beat records!

    Some tips:
    - Your task is to destroy the planetoid on each table and gaining crystals.
    - The ball can get light or dark color. Only light ball have power for destroy red asteroids and planetoid.

    Simulation of 3D physical events in real time requires adequate computing power.
    If you have poor hardware do not install this game. If you play on a weak hardware then please do not complain later in opinions and do not ruin rating, because it reflects only on you. If you see some faults, contact with me by e-mail first.

    If have you some ideas for develop this game, contact with me by form on website

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