A Unique gaming experience fused with a classic favourite. You are in control of a turret and you have to physically aim your device at the asteroids in 3D space to destroy them before they crash into your spaceship.

    The game uses the sensors to work out where you are facing the device, You are being bombarded by asteroids that are coming at you from all directions. You need to be ready and agile if you want to get the high scores. How many waves of Asteroid can you survive before your space ship is destroyed.

    It's a great game to keep you agile; if you need to take a break from sitting to stretch then open this game for a quick battle, as it will having you bending into all positions whilst you try to defend your spaceship.

    As well as shooting asteroids, you also have a chance to grab bonus items which will race across the sky, if you're quick enough and you shoot the right weapon you can catch these bonus' to help you beat the high score.

    The game has a great art style, which combined with the sound and vibrations will submerse you in a great gaming experience.

    The game can be played in easy, normal and hard mode; suitable for all players.

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