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    Balloon Pop is a simple, appealing 3D game that you and your children will enjoy. With both Classic timed mode and Unlimited free play, this will give you that just needed fun boost.

    Your kids will love the colours and simplicity of Easy mode. You will love the challenge of Medium and Hard mode.

    Whether you are on the train, the bus or simply fancy giving the kids something easy to do, Balloon Pop is the perfect game for you!


    There are 2 main modes:


    Classic mode is a 60-second count down. See how many points you can get whilst keeping up a great combo.

    Unlimited mode is a free play mode. The aim is to simply get as many points as you can with the biggest combo you can get.

    Both Classic and Unlimited modes have Easy, Medium and Hard difficulty settings.

    In Easy mode, all balloons are a single click away from lots of points. Different colours give different points. This mode is perfect for the kids.

    Medium and Hard modes introduce a new level of challenge. Each colour of balloon requires a different number of taps to pop and each floats up at a different speed. Watch our for the blue and black balloons!

    The speed of the balloons will gradually increase until it reaches maximum velocity. If you can get through this, the speed will return back to normal, and then it will happen all over again!

    Let too many balloons float too high and you will lose the game. Try your best to keep up those combos, oh - and try not to hit the red bombs - they do a lot of damage! The green ones though are far more friendly.

    We hope you and your children will enjoy Balloon Pop. If you have any suggestions or comments, please let us know!


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