Basketball Shot +

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    Play basketball with your fingers. Shoot the basket, 60 seconds a round.

    There are two ways in basketball to shoot. You can flick the ball with your fingers , by putting your finger on the basketball and flicking in the direction your want. The power is based on the speed of the flick

    You can also use a catapult type control as seen in Angry Birds and other games of that nature.

    How to play:

    - Shotplay
    The basketball is placed on the screen and you must use your finger to pull back on the
    basketball to increase the power. An arrow will point in the direction you are aiming
    - Freeplay Use your finger to throw the ball into the hoop. You can’t get too close or you will not
    score points.

    - The further away you are the more points you get. You have 60 seconds!

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