Battle Lines Lite




    Air Lane is back but this time it's on the battle field. After directing hundreds of aircraft to the runway, it’s time that you take your skills to the next level. Welcome to Battle Lines. It’s air traffic control in the middle of a battle field. You’re not the innocent traffic controller anymore. You’re part of the battle and how long your airport survives will depend on how quickly you can get friend and foe to the ground. The latter being in pieces of course. As the battle rages on you’ll need to up your game and that’s where the the store comes in(don’t worry. No IAP here). Get upgrades for your weapons and airport. At the end of the day however it all come down to your traffic control skills.

    FEATURES(in full version):
    6 Theaters of operation(maps)
    3 upgradable aircraft to fight the battle
    Weapon Shop with 20 upgrade items
    Each theater features it’s own environment hazard like thunderstorm,fog and more.
    Air Traffic control Line drawing at its core.
    Very easy to learn.
    Separate Tutorial theater.
    Campaign will follow in future updates.

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