Beat your Boss




    The new innovative android SMASH hit!

    Angry at your boss? Does he deserve being punched? Start up Beat Your Boss and show who is the real boss here! This ingenuous app creates a virtual boxing sparring partner just from a photo of your bosses face (or any other - ex-boyfriend maybe?). Now start punching! You will see blood splatters and ultimately a deformed head if you beat hard enough. While he will suffer you will feel much better!

    - Use your own photos to create a custom head!
    - Highly adjustable: completely customize setting and face
    - Deform the head with your punches!
    - Many ways of hurting (button smashing, whacking, shaking,...)
    - great sound effects give you delicious feedback

    This is the free version, so let's get the whacking going!

    From the makers of the famous and popular BugSmasher and MoodReader.

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