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    It is a whack-a-mole on the train.

    I will continue to back up from RideOnTrain previous version. This time I have a bullet train and a car on the main favorite of children.
    Mode and some seared Mole, is to appreciate the bullet train mode. Link is displayed if you press the MENU button mode switching.

    [Seared Mole Mode]
    Train or car will appear from the left and right sides of the screen when you start the game. Bullet train and cars will disappear from the screen by tapping on it, enter score.
    Combo will be added when you tap the bullet train or car continuously. bonus coins from the right of the screen will appear each time the combo is successful 10 times in a row, so you can make the score by tapping a coin.
    Bullet train and car number game that appears to progress more, go faster speed. Sometimes they bomb combo appears also to 0.
    Instead of game over, compete the score earned at the end of the game has become the object of the game.
    Link to the ranking is displayed if you press the MENU button. You can register your score to the world ranking that you have earned the ranking page.

    [Watch mode]
    Viewing mode, the bullet train appeared without interruption. Cars and coins are not displayed in this mode.
    Read the name and tap the bullet train.

    Finally ...
    This app is so designed to get to play in his spare time, and I'm glad to stay at during the communication with and children during the move.
    If you have any complaints or concerns obscure, I hope you can mail to the address listed on page.

    Since the ad has been established for this game, or get information about a warning will appear during the installation location.
    Calculation process using, for example, the positional information in the game because we do not, please download it at ease.

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