B.E.R.G.S - Barcode Enhanced Resource Gathering Survival Game - Survive the hordes of zombies in this unique new game. Scan barcodes to gain special abilities and boost your chance of survival!

    Through tilt and touch-based controls, takes control of a robot trying to make the world safe again after a devastating plague swept across the planet, turning the majority of life into walking, highly infectious dead.

    Currently in Beta testing (please read on for more info).

    How to Play:
    • Tilt to move (the game will automatically calibrate itself when you start playing)
    • The joystick on the left side of your screen can be used to rotate and aim (Configurable in the settings menu, top right)
    • Shoot by tapping the semi-transparent square on the right side of the screen
    • Slide the icons at the right to switch weapon
    • More weapons can be unlocked by killing more zombies
    • Tap the barcode button at the bottom of the screen to scan a barcode for a temporary boost - the type of boost is determined by what product you scan. Once you've used the scanner you'll need to to kill five zombies in order to reactivate it.
    • Use the level select menu when you first enter the game to change level (Note: most of the maps are meant for testing, so may not have collisions and other features implemented just yet)

    About the Beta:
    We're still working hard on development and testing, but thought it'd be a great idea to let people outside of our team get their hands on an early version of the game.

    Since this is still beta software, a lot of the game's core features are yet to implemented or are partially implemented and still under active development. As such, not everything will work perfectly. The look and feel of the game is also continuously evolving, so you may find that a few features aren't particularly visually appealing or easy to use. If you come across something that seems to be broken, buggy or unintuitive, don't hesitate to let us know via the in-app feedback system or using the links below.

    If the game crashes you'll be prompted to send us an automatically generated error report - these are a huge help to use when fixing problems and don't contain any of your personal information, but you can still opt to not send the report by hitting 'Cancel'.

    Known Issues:
    • In rare cases, the game has been reported to lock up when selecting a level. If this issue is persistent, rebooting the device should fix the problem.
    • Pressing the back button while scanning a barcode will cause the game to return to the menu screen.
    • There is no known limit on the number of zombies that can spawn, so you may experience some slowdown if you manage to survive long enough.
    • A number of graphical elements have not yet been fully designed, so there may be placeholder textures in some places
    • Level design is still a work-in-progress: levels with exclamation marks may be missing significant features.

    We are actively working on solutions to these problems, so stay tuned for updates!

    About Syndicate Z
    We are a small group of second-year Computer Science students from The University of Waikato, New Zealand.

    Connect with us to keep up-to-date with progress on the game:

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