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    Check out the extra super fun of blobbing around, as you go through all 21 levels of this amazing skills game! The blending of minimalist graphics and highly challenging gameplay, it’s one of those puzzle games which make the perfect work-out for your mind and which will surely keep your fingers glued to your Andoid phone until you’ve managed to solve the very last puzzle of the game!

    Enjoy yourself as you also try to figure out the way to the exit of each level, and stay focused on how to blast-open each door in your way. Don’t expect it to be easy, for this game easily falls into the truly mind skills-challenging puzzle games’ category! This fun quest for a way out is nothing like a jewels maze challenge, even though the more and more difficult maze is still present in each level. First levels start off with simpler routes to complete, transforming themselves into real labyrinths, with each completed level. In order to complete and win each level, you need to stay calm and focused, and not transform your blobs into angry birds that can't find their way out. Think every decision through, exercise your mind skills and make sure you’ve eliminated all the alternative possibilities of getting out of this labyrinth before you’ve moved your blob up or down, left or right! This is not just another just another one of those boring skill games, but a game that will keep your mind alert until you’ve managed to really free your blob from this intricate maze! If you rush in and go for the easiest way to your exit, you might just get to a dead end. Like all free brain and puzzle games for android, this blob adventure can be shared like words with friends free fun sessions or you can turn it into your own personal addiction and play it all day long.

    Just try and see how much fun this easy to play on android skills game can be. Blobbing around is a fun activity no matter where you are, in traffic or sharing it with your friends. As you guide your green blob to take one path or another, slide it down left/right till you reach the X at the finish spot and conquer the level. If the first ones won’t seem like some hard nuts to crack to you, as you proudly advance, playing the role of a saviour for your tiny blob friend, you’ll notice that your intelligence gets more and more challenged, your ability to find the best solutions to the given problems being put to the ultimate test! Finish all twenty one levels of intense fun and enjoy one of the best skills and puzzle games for android out there.

    Enjoy playing Blobbing Around on your Android phone and get ready to have your mind put to work in what seems to be a so very easy to tackle type of puzzle, but which, as you find yourself unable to free your blob and forced to admit that the first solutions you might have thought about are not really the saving ones, will turn into one of those addictive puzzle games which start getting more and more engaging, with every brilliant solution you might have come up with, and more and more mind skills-demanding, too!

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