Bongo Chef




    Bongo Chef is a fun game for children and adults that lets you slice fruits and vegetables flying your way just by swiping your finger over them and then collecting the sliced items in a pot so that Bongo can take them home to enjoy a wholesome meal.

    Played in 2 different modes, Arcade Mode and Recipe Mode, Bongo has the job of slicing ONLY the fruits and vegetables while avoiding the meat items. With a variety of game plays, both timed as well as unlimited, Bongo Chef lets you unlock new recipe modes as you play.

    Your finger cuts, chops and slices all the fruits and vegetables so that once you start slicing you can’t stop!

    In Arcade mode the goal of the game is to complete the fruit and vegetable slicing in a limited amount of time or go on for an endless challenge.

    The Recipe Mode adds greater fun by giving you a list of specific fruit and vegetables that you can cut, making it a greater challenge.

    • 2 different modes of play; Arcade Mode and Recipe Mode
    • 30 different stages in Recipe Mode
    • 3 different game plays in Arcade Mode
    • Realistic slicing & cutting animations
    • Eye-catching graphics
    • Share high scores on Facebook

    The game is completely FREE! So what are you waiting for? Download and start slicing right away!

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