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    Published: 2014-03-12, by .

    Search the island and discover what happened with your father

    • Challenging
    • Storyline
    • Retro
    • Controls' responsiveness
    • Design

    "Only the smartest survive"

    In The Secret Pie's Borstal you embody a kid in his own crusade to find his father, allegedly missing from the island where the Borstal (youth detention center) he works at is located.

    Borstal is a retro-inspired rogue-like game. However, the goal is to survive seven days in the island. It won't be easy. The cold, the rain and the island's wildness will threat you every minute.

    Try to collect resources (bandages, lanterns, food,...) and use them properly to maximize your chances to survive one more day. Explore, find shelter in abandoned houses and caves and above all, live long enough to solve the mystery that's surrounding your father's disappearance.

    Borstal takes minimalist gaming beyond the limits. All the design and graphical elements makes you feel like playing early 80's computer games. That's part of the charming if you are into retro fashion. Controls aren't the most responsive though. I've noticed lack of accuracy issues when trying to place the character in a specific tile.

    Besides that little catches, the game's overall challenging and entertaining.

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    Mar 12, 2014


    A survival-focused roguelike set on a small island. It's 1926, you're 13 years old and it is raining.
    Random generation, meaningful choices and multiple endings!

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